Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Kitties

I adopted Syd and Francis (formerly Oscar and Felix) from Camp Companion at PetsMart this past June. They came from a foreclosed home with 85 cats! I knew they were for me when I heard about their story and played with them at PetsMart. Francis was very playful while Syd wanted to curl up and hide behind me. I knew they had great potential to be very nice kitties. Being just 23 years old and moving into my own place, I knew I could give them the love and attention they needed to trust people again.

They both had some teeth problems and needed treatment with antibiotics, and they loved it when I mixed the antibiotics in with canned food. Both cats were very shy at first but they have adjusted to their new home very well. They still get timid with sudden movements or strange noises but they have made great improvements. They even come out to see visitors now!

Syd (formerly Oscar) loves to snuggle and curl up right next to me. He also likes to meow and talk to me very often.

Francis (formerly Felix) is my playful boy. He loves to roll around on the floor and jump all over Syd. Although he's not much of a snuggler, he loves attention and gets jealous if Syd is getting attention and he's not.

Thank You Camp Companion!

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