Saturday, April 24, 2010

Max aka Cubby

We found Max (AKA "Cubby") at PetCo when we were shopping for cat litter. He was such a sweetie, we couldn't resist asking him to join our family. He spent the first week underneath my daughter's bed in utter terror--this new world was very frightening to him. But before long he started to venture out of the bedroom. He now runs the house and is afraid of nothing. The other two adult cats took to him rather quickly and at any given time, one of them is chasing the other throughout the house. The deliberate pounding of their feet has come to be known as "thunder paw." Our favorite picture of Max is the one where he is peeking out from the interior of the Christmas tree. He thought it was the ultimate kitty play toy: a climbing pole complete with lights, swinging ornaments, and dangling sparkly things. What cat wouldn't love it?

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