Friday, June 25, 2010

Soleil & Twinkle

This past Spring we lost one of our sweet kitties of 11 years to congestive heart failure. His feline brother and the rest of our family was heartbroken. Life has not been the same without him.

In May while visiting PetSmart we had the chance to meet and play with some sweet kitties.
Not long after, Soleil Raindrop (formerly Chimmy) and Twinkle Moondance (formerly Cinder) joined our family. They are our sunshine after the rain. Their unending energy and antics and sweet love and purrs continue to give our family... especially myself and their feline brother, Zazu, great comfort.

There are fewer things that bring me greater joy than the purr of a sweet cat (or three!) curled up on my lap while I read... or seeing them all hunt the birds at the bird feeder (through the window of course!) ... or watching my 11 year old kitty once again run like the wind down our hallway while the two new little ones chase after him!

It is amazing how such small creatures can fill such a large spot in your heart. And what is even more amazing is how there is always room for one more! Thank you Camp Companion for taking such great care of Cinder & Chimmy while they were with you. They have quickly become a part of our family... and we love them more each and every day!

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