Thursday, April 22, 2010

Suki and Sahara

I thought I would give an update on my two girls. I got them on July 5, 2009. They were estimated to have been born in April of that year.

On a sad morning in June, Anya my beloved friend for 10 years, passed away. I was not sure at first whether I should get another pet after she had passed but I missed having someone else in the house. Anya, while not the friendliest kitty to anyone else, was my grey shadow so my new babies had big (figuratively and literally) shoes to fill.

Suki (the black torti) is quite the little diva. I think she must have some siamese because of the shape of her features and body and the way she likes to talk. Suki has a comment on everything and she loves to share that with me. She is extremely loving and wants to be pet as much as she can and is my new shadow as she follows me everywhere in the house.

Sahara (the pretty tabby) is Suki's opposite. She is so quiet and calm but she is also one smart cat. When trouble is afoot and they are into things they shouldn't be, I know Sahara was the ringleader. Sahara loves to explore and chasing toy mice is one of her joys along with climbing up EVERYTHING including the walls. She may act a bit crazy at times but Sahara is also a snuggler and loves to be held and will have such a big purr for such a tiny girl.

They have both settled in quite nicely and there is no denying that they now rule the roost. They love playing together and hold regular races and wrestling matches in the downstairs living room.

I'm extremely glad I brought these two girls home. They have two extremely different personalities but like yin and yang, they complement each other so well and I am lucky to have been able to give them a forever home.

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